Get to know Canyon Vista Dentistry and Orthodontics! We're your Phoenix dental office providing top-quality family care. As a general dentist, we believe the secret to overall health starts with a healthy mouth. It is critical to keep your dental hygiene on track with regular dental cleaning appointments. Treating tooth decay may require a dental crown or filling. Canyon Vista Dentistry and Orthodontics has all dental specialties in-house. Orthodontic care is offered by our family orthodontist, who specializes in braces and retainers. When a root canal is needed, see our endodontist (our resident root canal specialist). Learn about periodontics care with our specially trained periodontist who offers gum disease treatment and dental implants. Oral surgery services provided by our team oral surgeon include wisdom teeth removals and a variety of dental surgeries. Canyon Vista Dentistry and Orthodontics welcomes you to the practice for a lifetime of excellent dental care!